1.              Interpretation

  • Rental period means the period starting on the first day of hire and ending on the day when the vehicle is returned.
  • We, our and us means Tears of Joy Campers Pty Ltd.
  • You, your and yourself means the person hiring the vehicle and all additional drivers.
  • Vehicle means the camper van as described in the rental agreement and includes all accessories and contents supplied by us.


2.              Driver requirements

Drivers must be 21 years of age or older with a full driver’s licence. If your overseas licence is not in English you must have an international driving permit in English.

The driver agrees and acknowledges that:

  • their driver’s licence has not been cancelled or suspended in the past 2 years prior to the rental period.
  • they have not been refused motor vehicle insurance prior to the rental period.
  • they have not had their motor vehicle insurance cancelled in the past 2 years prior to the rental period.
  • they have never been convicted or have charges pending for an offence relating to driving a motor vehicle.


3.              Suitability

The vehicles are recommended for use by 2 adults but can accommodate 2 adults and a young child.


4.              Deposits

A booking deposit by credit card of the full amount for the whole rental period is required to confirm the booking. An invoice will be issued for the deposit.


5.              Cancellations

If a booking is cancelled:

  • 30 days or more prior to the start of the rental period, the full deposit will be refunded less $50 booking fee.
  • Between 14 and 29 days prior to the start of the agreed rental period we will retain 50% of the deposit.
  • less than 14 days prior to the start of the rental period, the full deposit will be retained by us.


6.              Rental Extensions

If you wish to extend the initial vehicle rental period you must first contact us at least 24 hours before the end of the initial rental period and seek authorisation. We will advise you of the additional costs which will include rental and bond increase (as per Bond section) and may include extra insurance costs. You must pay the extra costs for rental extensions by credit card and over the telephone upon authorisation of the extension.

Rental extensions are subject to vehicles availability. While every effort will be made to accommodate a rental extension to the initial rental period, we cannot guarantee that an extension will be authorised.

If we have not authorised an extension and you return the vehicle late you will incur additional fees equivalent to 3 days of hire for each day you are late.


7.              Booking Period

All vehicles and equipment are booked and charged on a 24 hour basis. The minimum period of hire is 24 hours and any booking for less than 24 hours will be charged at the 24 hours hire rate. If the vehicle or equipment is not returned before the end of the agreed booking period additional days will be charged.


8.              Vehicle Condition

All hire vehicles and equipment will be in clean and working order on pick up. You agree to return all vehicles and equipment in the same condition.


9.              Pickup and Delivery

Pickups and return times are by arrangement at time of booking. A late fee of $100 will apply if all hire goods are picked up late or returned outside of these times without authorisation. Clause 6 of this agreement applies in addition to this clause if you are late to return vehicles and equipment without authorisation.


10.           Travel Restrictions

You agree to drive the vehicle only on sealed roads.

You agree that you will not drive the vehicle:

  • on closed or restricted roads
  • on beaches
  • through streams or rivers


11.           Unauthorised use of the Vehicle and Repossession

We may take possession of the vehicle or other equipment without prior demand and at your expense if it is illegally parked, used in violation of the law or of this agreement or if it is apparently abandoned.

You agree to allow us or our representative to enter the premises where the vehicle or other hire equipment has been parked, left or abandoned by you or anyone in your company to repossess our assets subject to the rental agreement.

You agree that during the rental period the vehicle and other hire equipment will:

  • be used or operated in a prudent manner
  • not be used or operated by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or with a blood alcohol limit in excess of that permitted by law.
  • Used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or inflammable material except within its designed capabilities.


12.           Bond

A bond of $500 applies for hire up to 3 days, a bond of $700 applies for up to 7 days and a bond of $900 applies to hire over 7 days and is required prior to pickup of the vehicle and other hire items. This bond covers incidentals such as, but not limited to, damage of the vehicle, interior or other hire items, tyre damage and cleaning costs if necessary. Replacement costs for lost or damaged items will be recovered from this bond.  You agree to pay the bond by credit card at the time of vehicle pick up.


13.           Bond Refund

The bond will be refunded within 7 business days by bank or credit card transfer from the time the vehicle and equipment has been returned to us in satisfactory condition and undamaged and all LP gas bottles are returned. You authorise us to use the bond to cover all repair costs including but not limited to broken zips, tears or burns to the cushions and any damage to the vehicle.  You authorise us to use the bond to cover the cost of $50 for a lost or stolen vehicle key.


14.           Cleaning

You must return the vehicle to us tidy. We reserves the right to withhold from the bond a cleaning fee if the vehicle or equipment is not returned in what we consider a suitably clean condition, this includes where considered necessary treatment for apparent strong odours e.g. fish. The cleaning fee is fixed at $100.

Marks are to be wiped off with a cloth and warm water only (no cleaning chemicals are to be used on the vehicle as this may damage the waterproofing properties and fiberglass). No abrasive cleaners or cloths and sponges are to be used on any of the non-stainless steel finishes.


15.           Repairs and damage to the equipment

If the vehicle or other equipment is returned damaged or inoperable you agree to pay us the reasonable cost of repair or in the event that an item is not repairable or not cost effective to repair then you agree to pay us the replacement cost. All damages to our equipment whilst in your possession must be reported immediately. All costs for repairs required as a result of damage while on hire shall be paid for by you.  If during the time of repair, the vehicle cannot be hired out, you will be liable to pay the hire cost for the duration during which the vehicle cannot be hired out.


16.           Insurance

A $2,000 excess is payable by the hirer in the event of damage or loss through a motor vehicle accident or fire or theft of the vehicle or appendages (including immersion in water). Excess reductions are available to reduce this excess amount in the event of damage or loss. Any items to be replaced and or cost of repairs, will be deducted from the bond.  Any insurance excess reduction is void and forfeited and the hirer will be responsible for the total cost of repairs/replacement costs if any of the conditions of this agreement are breached.  Clients should be aware that their own vehicle insurance (comprehensive or 3rd party) does not cover our vehicles in case of damage or accident.

Further details about the excess protection insurance are available on our website.


17.           Identification

We require two forms of identification prior to the hiring of the equipment with one form of ID showing a photograph (i.e. Drivers Licence or Passport). We also require your current residential address and contact details for next of kin. Unless by previous arrangement the driver of the towing vehicle is to be at least 21 years of age or more and no older than 85 years of age and hold a valid non-probationary drivers licence.


18.           Authorised Late Returns

Authorised late returns will be charged at a half the daily rate for less than four (4) hours late and vehicles returned more than four hours later than the end of the agreed hire period will be charged at a full daily rate.


19.           Early Returns

There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, and no future credit accrued as a result of early return of the vehicle or any other hire equipment.


20.           Damages and Liability

You agree to use the vehicle at your risk and you agree that we will have no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage or death except as required by law. You agree that you release and discharge us and our agents and employees from:


  • any loss or damage caused to you whether by way of  death of or injury to any person of any nature or kind, accident or damage or loss of property, delay, financial loss (including accommodation, flights, car hire, phone calls and meal costs) or otherwise, arising directly or indirectly from or incidental to your use of  the vehicle or any accident to or involving the vehicle or its use, operation, repair, maintenance or storage  or which may otherwise be suffered or sustained in or near the vehicle;
  • any loss or damage as a result of items left in the vehicle or hire equipment after received, handled or stored by us or stolen from the vehicle.
  • Any loss or damage including such damages and injuries (including to a third party) incurred through the use, misuse or accident arising from the use of the vehicle or other hire products whether by our negligence or otherwise.


21.            Towage charges

If you require the vehicle to be picked up due to vehicle issues or damage to the vehicle you agree that you will be responsible for all towage charges.

Credit Cards

We accept only Visa and MasterCard. A surcharge of 2% applies to all credit card transactions. The credit card must be in the same name as the client.


Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles.


Animals are not permitted in our vehicles.

The right of refusal

We reserve the right to refuse to rent out our vehicles.

Payment currency

All rates are quoted in Australian dollars. All payments, including credit card payments, must be made in Australian dollars. Refunds will be made in Australian dollars. We do not accept any liability for fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Kilometers allowance

Our rates include unlimited kilometres.


All fees and prices under this agreement are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.