This is supplied through the solar panels, which requires the sun to charge them.  There is also a power point that can be plugged in at the campsite to charge the battery and supply power.  The Gidget can run for days with just the solar panel charging the battery.  If you have an Anderson plug fitted to your vehicle, and whilst driving, this charges the Gidget battery for endless supply of power.

For example:

8 hours of sunlight on solar panel = 52 amps per day.

Fridge: 0.77 amps x 24 hours = 18.5 amps

Lights: All on for 4 hours = 3.2 amps

TV/stereo: For 3 hours = 7.2 amps

Total used 28.9 amps per day

Solar supply = 52 amps per day

Used as per example = 28.9 amps per day, so you still have 23.1 amp left in reserve

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